Become a member

Office National is a buying and marketing group, and not a franchise or a wholesaler. As such, we are better suited to established office products vendors who want to take advantage of our group’s combined buying power and centralised marketing.
Before an application for membership to the Office National group is considered, the following criteria applies. The criteria are as follows:
  1. IT Literacy
    1. The potential member has to be familiar with the excel program and has to be fluent in the following areas:
      • Creation of formulas
      • Be able to filter information
      • Be able to sort data
      • Be able to use the find function and all basic functions in Excel
    2. Has to be familiar with outlook or similar application and must be able to use the calendar function in outlook. They must also have a firm e-mail policy in place.
    3. Has to have fully functional accounting software i.e. Pastel etc.
  2. Turnover has to be in excess of ZAR7.5mil a year in office products and furniture,
  3. Must have been trading as a stationer for at least 3 years, no start-ups
  4. Must have at least two delivery vehicles,
  5. Sufficient business experience,
  6. Stock holding of at least ZAR350 000 in office related products,
  7. Must have at least a target market of 60% commercial,
  8. The potential member would be required to submit audited financial statements.
Please advise if you meet the criteria as set out above, and if you would like to meet for more information.