Office National Office Products Catalogue - Edition 20

4 Private Label OFFICE NATIONAL - A4 DISPLAY FILES OFFICE NATIONAL - A4 FILING SLEEVES The perfect way to protect & display. This multi-purpose lightweight display book has anti-static sleeves. Sleeves 35 micron. Multi-punched plastic sleeves. Fits 2 & 4 hole punching. Key Code Description Qty K ON161 50mic 10 Pack - ON160 50mic 100 Pack • • • • • K A B C D E F G H I J THE OFFICE ESSENTIALS RANGE L OFFICE NATIONAL - A4 BOARD LEVER ARCH FILES A robust lever arch file with rado lock. Spine label for easy identification. Key Code Description Colour Qty - ON50 50mm Black Each F ON54 70mm Purple Each G ON55 70mm Black Each Key Code Description Colour Qty H ON56 70mm Blue Each I ON57 70mm Green Each J ON58 70mm Red Each • • OFFICE NATIONAL - FOOLSCAP SUSPENSION FILES Includes 25 tabs & inserts. Key Code Description Colour Qty M ON14 Foolscap Blue 25 Pack N ON15 Foolscap Green 25 Pack O ON16 Foolscap Red 25 Pack P ON17 Foolscap Yellow 25 Pack • M N O P 5 200 RECEIPTS TO-VIEW SELF-CARBONISED RECEIPT BOOK THE OFFICE ESSENTIALS RANGE Shoponline Re-order code: ON250 THE OFFICEESSENTIALS RANGE The OfficeEssentials Rangeofproducts is exclusive toOf ficeNational. Guaranteed toperform, they alwaysdeliver premiumquality and you can rely on their cost-effctiveprices. Buyingallof your essentials is easywith our OfficeEssentials Range. Q OFFICE NATIONAL - RECEIPT BOOK Gummed. 200 Duplicate, pre-numbered receipts. Size: 110mm x 300mm. Self carbonised. Key Code Description Qty Q ON250 200 Receipts 5 to View Each • • • • Key Code Description Colour Qty A ON101 70mm Black Each B ON102 70mm Red Each C ON103 70mm Blue Each D ON104 70mm Orange Each E ON105 70mm Violet Each OFFICE NATIONAL - A4 POLYPROPYLENE LEVER ARCH FILES Polypropylene covering makes colour coding a breeze. With rado lock. • • Key Code Description Colour Qty - ON110 10 Pocket Clear Each - ON120 20 Pocket Clear Each L ON130 30 Pocket Clear Each - ON150 50 Pocket Clear Each