Office National Office Products Catalogue - Edition 20

20 Computer Products VERBATIM - CD-R 52x VERBATIM - 4.7GB DVD+R TRANSCEND - CARD READER USB3.0 VERBATIM - MICRO SDHC PLUS ADAPTOR VERBATIM - PINSTRIPE USB SANDISK - CRUZER BLADE CLASS 4 TRANSCEND - MULTI CARD READER USB3.0 SANDISK - MOBILE MEMORY • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Can’t be erased or overwritten. Protection against UV light. Crystal surface for increased protection. Printable surface. A good technology to use for archiving data. Ideal for sharing computer data, home videos or music. Available in printable, lightscribe, matt silver & double layer. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface. Compact & portable design allows the users to easily carry it around. Flash card type: MicroSDHC. Flash memory class: Class 10. Push & pull slide USB Drive. From eye catching to purely professional. From low profile to flip top. Reliable flash memory storage. SuperSpeed USB3.0 interface. Includes compatibility for SD, MicroSD & CF Cards. 2 Year warranty. Free up phone memory. Streammovies & music up to 3 devices. Apple, Android, PC & Mac. Automatically backs up your photos & camera roll when connected. No internet required - wirelessly access your content. Key Code Description Qty A VB43352 700MB Crystal 25 Pack - VB43351 700MB Non Print, with Extra Protection 50 Pack - VB43411 700MB with Extra Protection. 100 Pack B VB43325 700MB Printable Jewel Case. 10 Pack - VB43745 700MB Printable 50 Pack Key Code Description Qty C VB43512 Printable 16x 50 Pack - VB43508 Printable 16x 10 Pack - VB43498 Matt Silver 16x 10 Pack Key Code Description Qty A TETSRDF5K Card Reader Each Key Code Description Qty A VB44083 32GB Each B VB44084 64GB Each C VB44085 128GB Each Key Code Description Colour Qty D VB49063 16GB Black Each - VB49064 32GB Black Each - VB49065 64GB Black Each Key Code Description Qty B SKCZ5016GB35 16GB Each - SKCZ5032GB35 32GB Each - SKCZ5064GB35 64GB Each Key Code Description Qty A SKWS4016GG46 16GB Each - SKWS4032GG46 32GB Each Key Code Description Colour Qty B TETSRDF8K Multicard Reader Black Each A A A B B C B A D B C